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One Playful and Friendly Guy

Ernie is the member of the Bert-and-Ernie team who is full of surprises. He is friendly and happy-go-lucky and loves to joke with his buddy-ol'-pal Bert. Ernie loves to sing in the tub and play with his Rubber Duckie.
Birthday: January 28
Favorite Song: "Rubber Duckie"
Best Friend: Bert
Quote: "Hey, Bert ol' buddy? Are you asleep?"
Likes: Playing tricks on Bert; eating Bert's pizza; taking baths with Rubber Duckie
Dislikes: When it's his turn to clean up; when Bert won't play


The Most Serious Character with the Silliest Laugh

Ernie's best friend Bert is very serious when it comes to some things-like keeping his room clean. But when it comes to collecting bottle caps and watching pigeons, Bert really knows how to have a good time. His pet pigeon is named Bernice.
Birthday: July 26
Favorite Song: "Doin' the Pigeon"
Best Friend: Ernie
Quote: "Er-nie!"
Likes: Ws; pigeons; brass band music; oatmeal; boring stories; watching weather forecasts on TV; argyle socks; the color gray
Dislikes: When Ernie wakes him up with silly questions like, "What are we going to do tomorrow?"


Mr. Googly Eyes

His voice may be gruff, but Cookie Monster is a lovable, silly monster who has an appetite for everything in sight. His constant search for food leads him to more than just cookies as he discovers a wide variety of skills to help him solve problems. Cookie Monster introduces the Letter of the Day every day on Sesame Street.

Birthday: November 2

Favorite Song: "C is for Cookie"

Best Friend: Ernie (he often stays over when Bert's out of town)

Quote: "Me want cookie!"

Likes: The four food groups (and any others you can find)

Dislikes: Empty plates; eating the last cookie




The Cutest-and-Fuzziest,
Warmest-and-Cuddliest Muppet Around

Elmo is a very playful 3-year-old member of the Sesame Street monster family. He can turn almost anything into a game, and then invite friends to join him in imaginative fun. He is curious about everything and loves his pet goldfish, Dorothy. Elmo's fire-engine-red fur and sunshine nose are almost as colorful as his personality. Elmo is featured in Elmo's World every day on Sesame Street.

Birthday: February 3

Favorite Song: "Elmo's Song"

Best Friends: Grover and Zoe

Quote: "That tickles!"

Likes: Anything and everything; doing whatever Ernie




Giggliest Monster on Sesame Street

Zoe is a furry, three-year-old girl monster who is so excited about everything that she can't get her words out fast enough. Zoe always wears her tutu because she loves to dance, and she makes up her own dances all the time. She and Elmo are great friends.

Birthday: September 30

Favorite Song: "Put on a Happy Face"

Best Friend: Elmo

Quote: "Don't joke me!"

Likes: Mimi, her dolly; red monsters who giggle

Dislikes: Sitting still and the training wheels on her bicycle Bert can




The Friendliest Fowl on Sesame Street

You could probably guess by his name that Big Bird is big. How big? He's 8 feet, 2 inches tall! Wow! He should play basketball! Big Bird is a very curious creature who makes friends easily. He is six years old and shares his nest with Radar, his teddy bear.

Birthday: March 20

Favorite Song: "The Alphabet"

Best Friend: Snuffleupagus

Quote: "Gee Mr. Looper! I mean Cooper! I mean Hooper!"

Likes: Figuring things out; being a part of everything; roller-skating; birdseed milkshakes from Mr. Hooper's store

Dislikes: When he can't help; when nobody believes his best friend exists; chicken soup




Trashiest Talker on Sesame Street

No one enjoys a rainy day more than Oscar, who's known for being disagreeable. In spite of his grouchy attitude, everyone loves Oscar and nobody lets his grouchiness get in the way of fun! By collecting everyone else's junk, Oscar winds up helping out in his own neighborhood: the more junk he collects, the cleaner the streets get. He has a soft spot for his pet worm, Slimey and he reads to him each night before bed.

Birthday: June 1

Favorite Song: "I Love Trash"

Best Friends: Slimey the Worm and Maria (though he wouldn't admit it to her)

Quote: "Scram!"

Likes: Rainy days; arguing; standing in line at the movies (not seeing movies, just standing in line); anchovy milkshakes

Dislikes: "You name it, I dislike it. Now go away”




Mr. Worrywart

Telly worries in all kinds of weather. He worries that it will rain. He worries that it won't rain. He worries that the rain won't stop. As a worrier, Telly often gets confused and frustrated. However, he never gives up, and he shows that trying again always pays off. Telly LOVES triangles and he's great friends with Baby Bear.

Birthday: September 29

Favorite Song: "Don't Worry, Be Happy"

Best Friends: Baby Bear and Oscar

Quote: "Are you sure it's going to be all right?"

Likes: Counting to forty; being a member of the Bobketeers

Dislikes: Surprises; squares and circles




The Cuddly and Determined Hero

With a grin on his face and a bounce in his step, Grover-the self-proclaimed "world's cutest monster"-is always bursting with energy and curiosity. This sometimes gets him into trouble in the real world, but his mommy helps him out as she tells her furry little son to keep trying.

Birthday: October 14

Favorite Song: "Monster in the Mirror"

Best Friend: Kermit (no one else has the patience)

Quote: "Hello every-bod-eeeee!"

Likes: Anything and everything; doing whatever Ernie and Bert can do

Dislikes: Phone booths without doors (supermonsters need their privacy, too!)



Sesame Street Website

This ‘Sesame Workshop’ website has fun and games for children’s and also provides details of how you can help underprivileged children around the world just by joining in the fun.

This is the link to the Sesame Street Music Zone.  There is an educational link for parents and teachers explaining how children learn from these activities.

This provides a link to many games and interactive activities for children in which they’ll have hours of fun and learn lots from.


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