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Anthony is the vocalist/guitarist and drummer. He loves eating especially fruit, Anthony says "Oh, food, food, food. I love to eat. Dancing and singing with the Wiggles makes me hungry. I like fruit, fruit salad, hot potatoes, cold spaghetti and mashed banana".

He also likes joking and having a good time, he likes having fun with the audience and is full of good humour. Anthony wears a blue skivvy, black trousers and a face full of mischievous expression..

Anthony Field


Greg is the lead vocalist, and enjoys singing and dancing because it makes him happy. He is also a magician and performs many amazing tricks. Greg says "Not all of my magic tricks work, but they are still a lot of fun". He wears a yellow skivvy, black pants and a very kind smiling face.

Greg Page


Murray is the vocalist, he is always tuning his guitar and often the person who starts the music. Murray says "I have so many different guitars and I used them all recording the music for The Wiggles Movie.

He has the ability to pull a thousand and one faces, each one completely different. Murray wears a red skivvy, black pants and an enormous smile from ear to ear.

Murray Cook


Jeff is the keyboard player, vocalist, he loves performing when he is awake. Jeff cannot help falling asleep, and when he dreams he dreams of being asleep. Jeff says "The Wiggles is so much fun, only I use so much energy when I dance and sing that I get tired and I need my sleep, sometimes I fall asleep on stage, but the children wake me up by shouting 'Wake Up Jeff'!". He wears a purple skivvy, black pants and a multiple of wacky grins.

Jeff Fatt


This ‘Wiggles’ website provides information on tours, merchandise (including the Wiggles ‘Big Red Car Bed’.

Link to music CD’s and DVD’s that the Wiggles own.  You’re able to listen to samples and sing a long or just simply have a look at the Wiggles CD’s you are able to buy.


This is still part of the above website but it has links to games and learning activities.  Great for kids to have some fun and learn at the same time.



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