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The creation of Hi-5
Hi-5 is created and produced by Helena Harris and Posie Graeme-Evans through their company Kids Like Us.
Helena and Posie had a vision to make a TV program for the children of today, a show that would hold children's dramatically changing interests. They wanted to create a show that had music and movement, that acknowledged the differences in children, and that did not go for the lowest common denominator.
In June 1998 the first auditions for the
Hi5 presenters took place and the first episode went to air in January 1999.
The program is full of refreshing new ideas and every episode has new themes. Helena and Posie are committed to giving the show a solid education basis.

The aim of Hi-5
The aim of
Hi-5 is to cater for a wide range of young children, acknowledging the span of cognitive abilities and learning styles. The program presents material with the understanding that children will respond in different ways and be more open to a particular mode of integrating ideas. While we recognise that young children learn holistically, i.e. that skills learning is interrelated, a particular emphasis on different areas of "intelligence" enhances specific skills and learning. The program therefore includes a number of segments, each of which focuses on a different area of learning.


Name: Nathan Foley

Nickname: Foliage, Axel Foley.

Birthday: September 27.

Favourite colour: Electric blue.

Favourite food: Everything but brussel sprouts, I never liked them.

Favourite animals: I love them all!

Favourite Number: 7 and 4 are my lucky numbers.

Favourite Movie: Men of Honor and Stir Crazy.

Perfect holiday: Something that consists of sun, water and music.

Brothers and sisters: I have one older sister.

Pets: None.

Favourite subject at school: History.

Favourite sports: Basketball and soccer I played soccer when I was a kid.

What Nathan loves most about being in Hi-5: Being a role model for the kids and being a big kid myself!

Nathan's contribution to Hi-5's educational aspect

The visual and spatial awareness segment: Shapes In Space
Nathan's focus is on exploring shape, colour and pattern using all kinds of materials such as coloured boxes, play-dough, everyday furniture and even the body.



Name: Kathleen de Leon

Nickname: Kat.

Birthday: September 1.

Favourite Colour: All colours but especially pink!

Favourite Food: Thai and Japanese.

Favourite Animals: My puppies (golden retrievers). I have many wooden ones at home as well as stone carved, plush and various other beautiful giraffes from all over the world!

Favourite number: 1

Favourite Movie: The Usual Suspects, American Beauty, Love Actually and The Princess Bride.

Perfect holiday: Anywhere as long as it's with my fiance Daniel.

Brothers and sisters: I have two younger sisters. Jennifer and Melanie.

Pets: Two golden retriever puppies called Jackson and Texas. They are both Virgos like me. I also have two goldfish who just had about 50 baby fish!

Favourite subject at School: Believe it or not 'Maths'.

Favourite sports: Wakeboarding, snow skiing, boxing, ashtanga yoga, dirt bike riding and jet skiing. They're all so much fun and I love being active. 



What Kathleen loves most about bein in Hi-5: I am so blessed to meet the most amazing and inspirational kids! Ones who have touched my life and will always be a part of me as I continue my journey. Many of these kids are from the hospitals that I visit. I volunteer a lot of my free days to the Brisbane Childrens Hospital and these are the moments I love Hi-5 the best. They have touched my life as I hope to have touched their lives. There's nothing greater than the gift of a smile I recieve when I meet these kids, I like that!

Kathleen's contribution to Hi-5's educational aspect

The logical thinking and mathematics segment: Puzzles and Patterns
Kathleen is particularly interested in numbers, puzzles and mazes, sorting things and drawing wonderful patterns. Problem solving is made fun.





Name: Timothy Harding

Nickname: Wocka.

Birthday: February 1.

Favourite Colour: Green, it's nice and reminds me of the rainforest.

Favourite Food: Thai or Italian.

Favourite Animal: Birds of Prey. I think they are powerful, majestic and beautiful.

Favourite number: 12 is great but 1 is the best.

Favourite movie: The Princess Bride and The Matrix.

Perfect holiday: Warm weather, great surf, the people I love and loads and loads of time.

Brothers and sisters: I have two younger brothers. Peter and James.

Pets: A dog named Lucy.

School subject: Science and Music. I love them both.

Sports: Motorcycle racing.


What Tim loves most about being in Hi-5: Seeing the smiles on kids faces when you walk into the room. That's a feeling you can't describe!

Tim's contribution to Hi-5's educational aspect

The musicality segment: Making Music
In the music area Tim focuses on musical concepts such as beat, rhythm, pitch and melody. His aim is to introduce children to great new songs and rhythms using a variety of "instruments".



Name: Kellie Hoggart

Nickname: Kell.

Birthday: May 1.

Favourite colour: All Colours.

Favourite food: Cadbury mousse, chocolate and baked dinner.

Favourite animals: Dogs, but I love all animals.

Favourite number: 4

Favourite movie: Too many to choose from!

Perfect holiday: Somewhere where I can relax and enjoy my free time. An Island would be nice.

Favourite Hi-5 episode: There are too many to pick one, but there are some pretty cool episodes in Series three and four.

Brothers and sisters: I have one older sister Kylie.

Pets: I have a dog named Cassie.

Favourite subject at school: Sport.

Favourite sports: Netball, baseball, tennis, skiing and swimming!



What Kellie loves most about being in Hi-5: Working with children and getting to work in different areas and industries.

Kellie's contribution to Hi-5's educational aspect

Linguistic and aural skills segment: Word Play
Kellie explores the world of language and sounds. Through stories, rhymes and games she will encourage awareness of language use.



Name: Charli Delaney

Nickname: Charles.

Birthday: March 8.

Favourite Colour: Pink.

Favourite food: Chocolate and vegetables (not together)

Favourite animals: Dolphins, seahorses and dogs.

Favourite number: 8

Favourite movie: The Lord Of The Rings.

Perfect holiday: Our perfect honeymoon in the Maldives. Over-water bungalow, diving with hundreds of fish, swimming and snorkelling every day, warm weather and dolphins. Heaven on earth!

Hi-5 episode: They're all fun.

Brothers and sisters: I have an older sister Cassandra, we talk everyday.

Pets: My little dogs, Buffy and Scoobie, and two horses, Fame and Flashdance. All at Mum's and Dad's.

Favourite subject at school: Drama and dance.

Sports: Skiing, yoga and fishing.



What Charli loves most about being in Hi-5: The children! They're the most beautiful, fun audience and the most inspirational to meet. The opportunity to go to the children's hospitals and bring smiles to their faces. What more could you want.

Charli's contribution to Hi-5's educational aspect

The physical/motor development segment: Body-Move!
Charli specialises in fun movement and co-ordination skills. Along with the general party atmosphere of the program, the songs and rhymes in this segment will encourage children to stretch, hop, skip, jump, balance, clap, throw, crawl and twist.

Segments featuring all the gang:

The self-awareness and social skills segment: Sharing Stories
In this segment the Hi-5 team works together to explore emotions and interpersonal interactions through light-hearted story and drama. It provides a time for reflective entertainment, during which children can identify with the feeling and situation presented.

Musical integration of Hi-5 segments
Music is used to integrate all the different areas of
Hi-5. Whilst it will always be fun and entertaining, the music itself will also highlight the concepts and themes of each program.



This is a link to a Hi-5 website providing information about the gang, colouring in activities and Hi-5 merchandise.



This is a link to a Hi-5 page where you can colour in their pictures. 


This page allows kids to sing-a-long to Hi-5 songs.  Along with the song to listen to the words are provided to make it even easier and a whole lot more fun!


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